How a Metro Atlanta Property Manager Support Property Owners

Owning Metro Atlanta rental properties requires a lot of work to keep them profitable. Have you considered hiring a property manager to help with the work—or handle everything for you? 

What does a property manager do that you can't do as a rental property owner? If you're struggling to justify the cost of a property manager versus continuing to manage properties, renters, and maintenance on your own, it's essential to understand what a property manager does that makes them worthwhile.

Our biggest job is to support property owners—but what does that mean? With the right Metro Atlanta property managerlocal, out-of-state, and international investors have a partner that handles every detail while working toward your financial goals.




We Find Renters (So You Don't Have To)

Empty rental properties lose money for real estate investors. However, finding a new renter quickly (without settling for a potentially bad one) is challenging—especially when you own rental properties in Metro Atlanta as an international investor. 

One empty property is expensive, and multiple vacant properties in a growing portfolio add up to significant losses without the right strategy to market rentals, then screen and place new quality residents quickly. The right property manager jumps into action right away when a current resident decides not to renew or an investor buys a new rental property. 

We market your rentals to minimize vacancy times and get new applications in the door quickly. With our expert screening process, we make sure any potential renter is the right fit and meets your criteria before placing them in your properties. With shorter vacancy cycles and better renters, real estate investors make more money! 


We Give Your Properties a Professional Presentation

Renters take us seriously because we deliver a professional presence in everything we do. From letterhead to branded clothing and documents, you and your residents can always recognize our personnel and communications. With a professional facade representing your rentals in the market, contractors and potential residents know they're working with the highest standard of property management professionals.

Professionalism helps your properties stand out and stay competitive. With professional support, investors can trust that their properties are well-respected in the Metro Atlanta market!


We Handle Every Maintenance Task

Professional maintenance is a significant benefit of partnering with the best Metro Atlanta property manager. Renters look for homes that offer property management and maintenance. With on-call staff, renters know that if anything goes wrong—day or night—they can reach us, and we'll take care of the problem. 

Plus, professionally maintained rental homes stand out from others in the market. A property manager supports the quality of your rentals with:

  • Routine inspections
  • Year-round preventive maintenance 
  • Prompt responses to significant issues
  • A vetted team of contractors to handle any repair 

You don't have to answer midnight calls from panicked renters or try to track down an after-hours plumber that will overcharge you for handling a weekend plumbing issue. A property manager has every resource your properties need to stay well-maintained and keep renters safe and happy. 


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We Know the Insurance You Need

Our company's liability insurance coverage protects our services (and our property owners). We also help real estate investors determine the best insurance coverage to protect their properties and income. 

Renters aren't always dependable, and sometimes maintenance disasters cause extensive and costly property damage. From landlord liability coverage to rental loss policies, investors need the proper protections in place in case something goes wrong. Partnering with a Metro Atlanta property manager gives investors a resource to help put insurance coverage in place. 


We Have Proven Procedures

A property manager with the right experience in this market and industry knowledge doesn't need to reinvent the wheel when taking on your rental properties. When you add a new property to your portfolio, your property manager won't have to start from scratch to generate income from the new rental. 

Real estate investors experience more income and better ROIs when partnering with the right Metro Atlanta property manager. We already have proven policies and procedures in place, and they work! Whether you stick with one or two investment properties or you want to grow a significant portfolio, the best property manager maximizes the potential of every rental with tried-and-true practices every time.


Get the Support You Need For Success With a Property Manager

Taking care of Metro Atlanta rental properties and maximizing passive real estate investment income is a tremendous amount of work! Whether you're a local investor or invest here from anywhere in the world, the right team of professional property managers is the best support for your success. 

When looking for the right Metro Atlanta property manager, Compass Property Management has the best experiences and resources to minimize vacancy times, protect your rentals, and repeat success for every property in your portfolio. Learn more about what to look for in the best property manager when you download a free copy of our "Guide to Finding the Best Atlanta Property Manager."