Landlord Rescue Program

Landlord Rescue In Atlanta Metro Area

Have a tenant that hasn’t paid in months and have no idea how to deal with it? We can help!

Evictions can be a very expensive and tedious process, from filing the dispossessory warrant to going to court, you get stuck with a lot of work! 

Compass Property Management Group specializes in “rescuing” property owners from tenants who haven’t paid their rent. We’ll immediately begin reaching out to your tenant in an effort to collect the debt owed. If the tenant refuses to cooperate with us, we’ll initiate legal proceedings to get them to pay or vacate the premises. 

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and get your investment back on track. 

  1. We’ll get your tenant to start paying rent or we’ll negotiate terms to vacate.
  2. All efforts will be made to get an updated lease agreement. We’ll set clear expectations with the tenant, keeping the process stress free and saving money.  
  3. If the tenant is uncooperative, we’ll begin the eviction process. 
  4. We will post notices to vacate, file the necessary court documents, and our legal team will attend court hearings.  
  5. We will follow through with an eviction to remove a defaulting tenant.  
  6. We will handle everything all the way through the forced eviction if necessary. 
  7. After the property is vacant, we will quickly clean up the property and get it rent ready at owner expense.
  8. Next, we advertise and market the home for rent and place a qualified tenant using our thorough screening process. 

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How much does your Landlord Rescue Service cost?

The cost of the Eviction Rescue Service is a flat fee of $275.00 plus expenses for eviction if it becomes necessary. Once a management agreement is signed, we will engage services on your behalf to pursue collections from a tenant that is not paying rent, or to start the eviction process.

Expenses for simple evictions usually run $200.00 to $1,000.00, depending on how quickly the tenant vacates.

In addition to a property management agreement, the owner agrees to participate in the Landlord Rescue Program by allowing Compass Property Management Group to represent them in negotiations to correct or remove the current tenant. Owner agrees to pay $275.00 for the Landlord Rescue Program along with signing a property management agreement.

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