Why We’re Different

Our Team

Our team of experienced professionals gives your investment the individual attention it deserves. Prioritizing your investment is our number 1 goal.

When you choose the Compass Property Management Group, you choose over 40 plus years of combined experience in all phases of property management. We have our finger on the pulse of Atlanta property management and can steer you in the right direction to get the best return for your money.

Our Clients

Whether your property is right down the road or across the ocean, our experienced management services are perfect for you. We are the top choice for international and local investors.

  • Our international clients choose the Compass Property Management Group because they know their property and renters will be taken care of.
  • We make real estate investing simple and hassle-free for our international clients, whether you live in Israel or Australia.
The inability to drive by and physically see your property doesn’t need to be a limiting factor for your growth.  The Compass Property Management Group supports your financial goals without having to worry about the hands-on issues of managing your rental properties.

Our Accounting Department

It’s tiring, it can be downright ugly at times, and it is rarely fun at allwhich makes professional accounting services for your rental property absolutely crucial.

Accurate and up-to-date accounting is one of the most sought-after services from an ownerand is one of the most important things our company strives to be the best in.

  • Our accounting department provides expert care and service for local and international investors.
  • We provide a detailed accounting of all income and expenses monthly and a year-end summary 1099 for tax purposes.
  • We also offer seamless international and national wire transactions to your bank.
  • At your discretion, we can print and mail these statements or we can email them.

Our Maintenance Department

Maintenance requests should be addressed promptly, and spending with regards to rental property maintenance should always be transparent and easy to access for owners.

  • We provide excellent emergency and routine maintenance services with both in-house staff and our network of qualified, licensed vendors.
  • These professionals have been thoroughly vetted for timely and cost-effective responses. Our vendors prioritize our tenants’ requests.
  • We also provide detailed estimates and invoices with suggestions for both needed and optional repairs.
  • We focus on your rental home’s structural integrity and long-term tenancywithout breaking the bank.

Our Application Process

While the proper marketing strategy of a property is a very high priority, the application and leasing process is where the biggest decisions need to be made.

Nothing is more important to the Compass Property Management Group than ensuring that only the most qualified applicant will become your tenant. We know that approving the wrong tenant is a costly mistake.

The Compass Property Management Group is a class above other management companies in this aspect, and it shows in our numbers.

  • Our background checks are highly intensive, and cover a wide variety of aspects that we find vital during the application process.
  • We get a copy of the credit report with reported FICO score, check for previous evictions, verify all references, and verify applicant employment details with income requirements.

Our Inspections

The property inspection process is one of the main tasks and responsibilities of any excellent property management company. A great deal of time is otherwise spent by investors to conduct inspections.

  • Property inspections help us serve you better by detailing your property's condition so that we can account for who is responsible for damages as well as coordinate any necessary repairs.
  • Our inspection team conducts regular on-site inspections with a full report to provide continual updates on your property’s condition.
  • Knowing how your property management partner and tenant are caring for your property is a vital part of success for any property owner.

Our Marketing Team

In order to get your property rented quickly, prospective tenants need to be able to find you! That’s why our marketing director and staff of marketing specialists work together to research and maximize advertising opportunities.

  • Our specialized team works hard to promote properties in various venues.
  • This allows us to better coordinate all advertising and showing efforts and to maximize available marketing opportunities.

Experienced Property Management

Rental Laws

We Know Housing Regulations and Rental Law

Quality Tenants

We Thoroughly Screen for Excellent Tenants

Right Rate

We Set the Right Price for Your Rental Property

Right Rate-1

We Only Work With Certified, Licensed Vendors

Rent Ready Condition

We Ensure Your Property Stays in Peak Condition


We Maximize Marketing for Every Rental Property

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