Why Should You Rent From Compass?

Posted Screening Criteria

Know you qualify for a property before submitting an application. Check out our application policies and rental qualifications.

Quick Application Process

We will process your application within 72 hours as long as you have provided the necessary documentation and we can get in touch with your previous landlord.

Online Application Process

No annoying paper applications and having to drive into the office. It's all digital! Apply online on the Rental Search page and upload your documents on our Application Documents page.

Electronic Lease Signing

For your convenience and to be environmentally friendly, we sign all of our leases electronically.

Secure Online Tenant Portal

We Understand Your Need For Convenience

We utilize online portals to make it easier for you. It's accessible from anywhere and anytime. All your information is available to you. You can use your portal to make payments, submit maintenance requests, communicate with us and more.

Need For Convenience 3

Online Payment Systems

Set up automatic payments or one-time payments each month! It’s up to you.

Cash Payment Option

Let us know you would like to use this service and we can get you set up with our cash payment program!

ACH Security Deposit Option

Don’t want to wait for a check? No problem! We’ll send you an ACH form to fill out so we can send your refund directly to your bank account with no worries of a check getting lost in the mail.

Lockbox Move In

Pick up your keys at your new home at your convenience!

No need to drive to the office and pick them up.

Site Unseen Lease Option

Lease your new home from out of town.

Pet Friendly 6

Online Pet Profile

We offer an online application for your fur friends! This profile is good for a year and can be renewed as well as brought with you to the vet and other landlords.

24/7 Maintenance

Call our emergency maintenance line 24/7 with any emergencies and we’ll do our best to get you taken care of as quickly as possible.

We also provide you a resource for small issues that you possibly can resolve yourself!

Renters Insurance

Renter's Insurance

We provide a policy with $20k content coverage and $100k liability. All leases require tenants to obtain renters insurance and list Compass Property Management Group as additional insured.

Move Out Pictures

We thoroughly inspect our homes after you have moved out with pictures and video if necessary.

Security Deposit Itemization

We’ll send you a settlement statement with full itemization of any charges or fees coming out of your security deposit.

It's The Compass Way

Know The Client

At Compass, we believe the most important step is getting to know you and what you need or want from your investment. Cultivating professional relationships with our clients is key to developing a successful property management strategy.

Know The Tenant

Compass screens applicants to help you find a quality Tenant. Once a Tenant is procured, we begin to develop a repertoire with the tenants based on good faith and trust through open communication and quick response to Tenant needs and concerns. A satisfied renter is an important factor in the management equation.

Know The Property

Properties need to be safeguarded. At Compass, we have established relationships with qualified professionals who can provide quality service when the need arises. Proper maintenance on your investment keeps it attractive to tenants and helps maintain or increase your property’s value.

The Compass Way 2

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