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Refer a Client to Us

Refer a Client to Us

It’s easy to send us a client. Complete the form on this page and we’ll review your submission shortly.

We Contact the Client

We Contact the Client

We’ll get in touch with the customer and help them explore the management solutions available.

We will pay you

We Pay You

After the property is signed up and a tenant is placed, then you will receive a $575 referral bonus.

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Let the experts keep your Atlanta home operating efficiently. Our strategies increase desirability, enhance investment value, and maintain the financial success of your property.

Lengthy vacancies cause thousands in lost revenue. Say goodbye to stress with our team working for you. We aggressively publicize your listing & show your home.

Every application we receive undergoes rigorous screening, and we only place highly-qualified applicants. This approach helps us ensure your home is in the best hands.

Still chasing after late payments every month? Let our team take charge of your monthly billing needs. We collect funds for you, follow up as necessary, and impose late penalties.

A proactive approach to rental property maintenance is essential to preserving your income. We respond to maintenance requests quickly & make sure work is completed correctly.

Property inspections give us an opportunity to check on your home and renters. We verify that there are no hidden problems & that tenants are respecting the terms of their lease.

As our client, you enjoy detailed financial reports each month, which document all earnings and expenses for your home. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.

How Much Can You Earn?

Use our earnings calculator to discover just how much you're truly earning (and saving) as a real estate professional when you entrust your clients to the experts here at Compass! Excellent property management services are our priority. We will NEVER steal a client from you that you have referred to us.

Refer a Client to Compass Property Management

You could be earning tremendous additional income when you refer clients in need our way! Plus, when it comes time to buy or sell again, we refer your client back to you.

Some Sample Numbers:

  • $1,100.00

    Average Monthly Rent
    Your Clients Can Enjoy

  • $13,800.00

    Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month/Year.

  • $162,000.00

    One Year of Protected Sales Commissions

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