Why Hire A Professional

Why Choose Us?

When you rent your property, you are one lawsuit away from being out of business. That's why it is so important to choose a management company with the expertise to manage your property safely, efficiently, and within the legal requirements whether they be federal, state, or local.

Situations that can get you into hot water:

Property condition issues: Bed bugs, water damage, mold and exterior problems that draw the attention of Code Enforcement.

Evictions: Not knowing the law such as what constitutes an illegal eviction, not knowing requirements regarding active duty service members, not ensuring all allowable charges are included in the eviction warrant. As they say, ignorance of the law is not a defense.

Settlement Statements: Charging for normal wear and tear, not keeping and checking records such as move-in inspection reports, yearly or bi-yearly inspections and maintenance records, not following the legal time requirements for the move out inspection and finalization of the deposit.

Applicants: Not knowing Fair Housing requirements.

Leases: Not having a clear lease which spells out the legally allowed charges and responsibilities of the tenant and management. Charging for things that are not covered in the lease.

Personal Injury Issues: Not vetting vendors to ensure they have workers compensation and liability insurance that covers your property.

Deceased tenants:  Not knowing who you can legally contact, or how to handle a deceased tenant.

When you hire Compass Property Management Group, you hire a team of experts who are regularly trained, track pending legislation, attend conferences, and use due diligence in keeping your property safe, secure and bringing in the money. Our legal documents are reviewed by our attorneys to ensure they cover all important issues to protect you and your property. When you hire Compass, you can rest easy knowing your property is being handled by the best.

Need To Be Rescued?

Let us save you. Learn more about our Landlord Rescue Program.

Renting versus Selling

Let's face it. The bottom line is making money with as little risk as possible. Do you make the money now, or later.  If you can afford to wait, passive streams of income can be great padding to your retirement portfolio. Real estate investments usually outperform the stock market over time. They also give you tax benefits and deductions.

But going in blind is a big mistake. It is important to evaluate your current situation and determine if waiting on your investment is the right step for you.

Rental Property carries risks.  If you have a bad tenant you can face damage to your property, months without income, expensive legal battles, costly turnovers, and months of vacancies.  These can be mitigated with a good property management company that knows the laws, has great screening tools, and knows how to work with tenants and vendors.  But you must be able to set aside funds for those costs.

The market is also a huge factor. Currently, the sales market is tight, meaning you can realize a nice profit if you sell now.  But this also means rental amounts keep increasing, as does your equity. If you can afford to hold off, renting may be the better long term choice.

Benefits Of Hiring Us

  • Online Owner 24/7 Portal Access
  • Low Vacancy Rate
  • Quick Turnaround on Vacancies
  • Combined 30 Years’ Experience in Property Management
  • ACH Direct Deposit
  • Experience with International Investors
  • On-Going Staff Training
  • Knowledge of Fair Housing, State and Local Laws

  • Relationships with Local Code Enforcement Officers
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Metro-wide Knowledge Base
  • Hassle-free Management
  • Weekly Reports
  • 24/7 Maintenance
  • Great Tenant Relations
  • Staff Who Rent
  • Staff Who Own Rentals
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Work with our talented Atlanta property management team.

We have over 30 years of combined experience. Talk to us to see what we can do for your investment.


Property Marketing

Lengthy vacancies cause thousands in lost revenue. Say goodbye to the stress with our team working for you. We aggressively publicize your listing & show your home.

Tenant Screening

Every application we receive undergoes rigorous screening and we only place highly qualified applicants. This approach helps us ensure your home is in the best hands.

Rent Collection

Still chasing after late tenants every month? Let our team take charge of your monthly billing needs. We collect funds for you, follow up as necessary, and impose late penalties.


A proactive maintenance approach is essential to keeping your property healthy. We respond to maintenance requests quickly & make sure work is completed correctly.

Property Inspections

Property inspections give us an opportunity to check in on your home. We verify that there are no hidden problems & that tenants are respecting the terms of their lease.

Financial Reporting

As a Compass client, you enjoy detailed financial reports each month, which document all earnings and expenses for your home. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.