Key Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager

Without an effective marketing strategy, your rental properties stay empty. When investing in Metro Atlanta from out of state (or as an international investor), you need a local strategy to reach the best residents and reduce vacancies in your rentals—but how can you know what works in this market if you don't have local experience?

Partnering with a local property manager delivers much more than a professional team to collect the rent and maintain your properties. Expert property managers also apply the best marketing strategies to advertise vacant rentals and find the best quality renters.

The best Metro Atlanta property management company works seamlessly with investors around the world to create steady cash flow and minimize vacancies. What are the key marketing benefits of hiring a property manager? Here's what investors need to know!


We Deliver Scale (and Cost Savings)

Listing your available properties on rental search sites requires access and a budget to pay per listing. Working independently to market your listing can result in paying more for property listings—and that can impact your marketing budget

A property manager works with many more investors and rental properties throughout Metro Atlanta. We market available rentals at a higher volume, which means we can access lower pricing options due to the scale of our operations in the market.

Our scale is your gain! When we deliver more listings in a month, our investors benefit from cost savings. There's no need to pay more to list your rental property on the area's best rental search sites when a Metro Atlanta property management company can do it for you for less.


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We Make Your Rental Shine Online

The longer your property stays vacant, the more money you lose on your investment. Listing a rental that never stands out from a long line of listings doesn't do you any good. When residents can't find your rental, they'll never apply or become your next awesome tenant.

The right property manager has the experience needed to generate eye-catching listings that engage renters in search of a new Metro Atlanta home. We understand the local market and what renters want in a rental. Your properties can have everything a quality renter wants, but potential renters will scroll by if your listing doesn't highlight those things.

Effective marketing requires more than a few quick photos and a list of property details. The best property managers apply:

  • The optimal rental price to keep your property competitive (and profitable)
  • Professional-quality photos that apply the best lighting and angles to make your rental stand out
  • Critical details to inform potential renters of the qualifications, monthly rent amount, fees, and more
  • The community's story that highlights the neighborhood's best amenities 

An expert property listing must capture the attention of your next quality renters! We have the experience to quickly and effectively compile a winning rental listing to minimize vacancy times and attract the best renters in Metro Atlanta for your property. 


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We Start With Prospects

Our years of experience in this market means we have available resources to apply to the search for your next renter. In fact, we might already know your next resident before listing your property!

Since we screen renters for properties throughout Metro Atlanta, we have quality prospects (already screened) in our database. Placing quality renters means finding the best potential residents that are the right fit for a rental property. An excellent renter might not be the right new resident for one property, but they could be the right fit for yours. 

By providing the best Metro Atlanta property management services to renters throughout the market, we have connections with potential renters who love living in our managed properties.

That means we market for you before you ever need to list your rental! As soon as we know of an upcoming vacancy, we tap into our database of potential renters to see if we can match your rental to a renter we already know (and approve of). This can reduce vacancies significantly while delivering high-quality residents for your rental property investments and income. 

Of course, if our files don't include a renter who is the best fit for your property, our professional screening process helps us find your new resident from the applications generated by your rental listing. No matter where we find them, we never sacrifice the quality of your renters!


Market Better With a Professional Metro Atlanta Property Manager

We do it all! Local and international investors know that partnering with the best Metro Atlanta property management team delivers a significant boost to marketing efforts to minimize vacancy times and improve ROIs. 

Choosing Compass Property Management ensures that investors have a team they can rely on in Metro Atlantawhether they are local or choose our market while living anywhere in the world. When you're ready for professional property management and marketing, download your free copy of our "Guide to Finding the Best Metro Atlanta Property Management Company."