What Should Investors Look for In a Property Management Company?

If you're wondering "if" you should hire a property manager, the answer is yes! Local and international investors benefit from the experience of a professional property management company when building a real estate investment portfolio. 

However, not all property managers are the same or deliver the same quality of services. Choosing the right property management company requires careful research, knowing what you need, and understanding how they will maximize your income.

If you've never looked for a professional to manage your rentals, where should you start? Maybe you have a property manager now, but it's time for a change to a company that can help you reach your long-term financial goals—whether you're in Metro Atlanta or invest here from around the world. Follow this guide to find the best property manager in the area!



Look for Professionalism

Your property manager represents you in the rental market. From interacting with renters to marketing your properties and coordinating contractors, a property manager needs a professional approach and appearance to help set your rentals apart from the competition. 

How can real estate investors identify the professionalism they need in a property manager? Look for indicators, including:

  • A modern and up-to-date website with straightforward navigation and resources for renters and property owners
  • A clean and organized office space (or home office)
  • Professional marketing materials
  • Quality communications (prompt phone call, email, and text returns)
  • Professional attire (in person or on video calls)
  • Always being on time

International investors might not have the opportunity to visit a property manager in person. However, you can tell a lot about a person's professional demeanor through video meetings, email communications, phone calls, and a website. 

Missing appointment times or delayed responses could be a warning sign that a property manager doesn't have the level of professionalism you want to represent your properties. Making an effort to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism shows you that they will also take excellent care of your renters and investments!

Find Out How They Operate

Today's renters don't want to mail a rental check every month or stop by the leasing office to ask questions and put in a maintenance request. Your property management company must offer digital solutions and technology to attract quality renters and conduct efficient operations. Property owners also need secure technology to stay up-to-date on rentals and view financial information.

The best property manager keeps your rentals competitive with:

  • Online options to pay the rent and submit maintenance requests
  • 24/7 availability to respond to renter emergencies
  • A secure online portal for real estate investors to access financial information and property data (in real-time)
  • Digital payment processing to pay property owners every month
  • Efficient and secure processes to conduct leasing, renter screening, marketing, property maintenance, and communicate with renters and owners

Technology and efficiency must be priorities when choosing a property manager for your Metro Atlanta real estate investments. The best property manager offers these services to meet renter demands and maximize property ROIs.


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Get References

Reputation can tell you a lot about a property management company. Even if they have the digital technology and professionalism you're looking for, make sure a property manager has a stellar reputation among renters and property owners in the market.

Renters prefer professional management when looking for a rental property. However, they will avoid properties managed by companies that don't serve renters well. When renters love living in properties managed by a well-respected company, placing more of your investments under the care of that company helps your properties stay occupied with better ROIs!

The right property management company has excellent references and reviews from renters and property owners. Check online sources for reviews and talk to renters and owners in the market. Compare insights and look for a property manager that generates plenty of excellent feedback. 

Pay Attention to (Some) Negative Reviews

Every property management company has unhappy renters and owners. Unhappy people often leave inflammatory reviews when they aren't happy with the resolution of a situation—even if a property management company handled it appropriately

Pay attention to negative reviews that can indicate a bad company. However, weigh negative input against positive reviews to assess a potential Metro Atlanta property manager fairly. 

Choose the Best Metro Atlanta Property Management Company 

Don't settle for "any" property manager. Local and international real estate investors experience more income and better ROI's when choosing the best Metro Atlanta property management company!

If it's time to put your investments under expert management, Compass Property Management is here for you. We deliver a professional experience for renters and owners throughout everything we do. Our services include the technology and expertise that keep your properties in demand in this market. 

Learn more about finding the right property manager! Download our free resource, “The Guide to Finding the Best Metro Atlanta Property Management Company."