Routine Maintenance Is Crucial: Metro Atlanta Property Managers Help

Updated May 31, 2022.

It's time to let go of your DIY rental property ways—if you want your Metro Atlanta rental properties to stay competitive!

You might be good at fixing things around the house, but success as a real estate investor can't rely on your ability to repair a running toilet or handle routine maintenance on the heater and air-conditioner. If you're a long-distance or even international investor, you can't rely on the problem to have been solved without local eyes on your rentals.

Renters are smart—and their expectations are high. Trust us; we're residential property managers and renters, too!

DIY maintenance may have worked well for a while, but today's renters in the Atlanta rental market want more from their rental homes—and from full service property management. If they don't find it in your properties, they'll keep looking until they find a competitor's rental that meets their expectations.

Don't let mishandled rental property maintenance keep you from finding (and keeping) high-quality renters. As an experienced Metro Atlanta property manager, here's why we know that best-in-town maintenance is critical for your investment property business.

Skimping on Repairs Hurts Your Income

Delaying a repair or providing a temporary solution will cost you valuable renters and income long term. It might seem like you're saving money, but you actually cost yourself serious return potential. Calling the cheapest Metro Atlanta plumber from a Google search can 'appear' to handle your renter's latest maintenance request without spending the money for quality maintenance and repairs.

Renters know what you're doing—and they won't stick around for it. We know we wouldn't!

  • You'll lose renters when they have to call about a broken toilet over and over again.

  • They also won't renew their lease when your repair solutions are either DIY temporary fixes or the 'professionals' you hire make them uncomfortable while working in the rental.

Smiling handsome plumber standing with crossed arms and looking at camera in kitchen

Quality Repairs Build Quality Working Relationships

Show your renters that you want them to stay! Responding promptly to maintenance requests and providing quality repairs (the first time) shows renters that you value them renting from you. Building positive, long-term renter relationships encourages them to renew a lease (and recommend your high-quality property management services to others).

Renters want to:

  • Put in a maintenance request any time of day (or night)

  • Receive a prompt response (especially to emergencies and after-hours problems)

  • Trust that a repair professional is safe to be in the home

  • Receive the right repair the first time

  • Avoid significant maintenance issues during their lease term.

When investors offer this level of professional routine maintenance, renters stay! Plus, word gets around town that you provide the best quality rental properties and professional maintenance services. You'll love how best-in-town maintenance helps your properties become the most in-demand rentals in Metro Atlanta!

You'll Also Reduce Costs With Better Maintenance

  • When residents renew a lease, you avoid the costs of turning over a property.

  • You also don't suffer from lost rental income while the property sits empty during your new renter search. 

Most investors experience cost savings when keeping up with property inspections and routine maintenance.

  • Regular inspections help rental property owners find small issues and fix them before they become significant (and costly) repairs.

  • Seasonal maintenance helps prevent problems that can occur when a property isn't ready to survive weather changes throughout the year. 

If you thought your DIY or long-distance maintenance plan helped reduce repair costs, think again. When you put together a professional-quality maintenance plan with an experienced Metro Atlanta property manager, you'll see cost savings, happier residents, and a better ROI!

Did We Mention You Can Increase the Rent?

What's better than saving money on rental property repairs? Increasing the rent!

Imagine saving money on maintenance and repairs and setting a higher rental rate. Offering best-in-town maintenance can make both possible! Metro Atlanta renters are willing to pay more for nicer rentals. If you haven't had a good reason to raise the rent, upgrading your maintenance services is an excellent justification for a rent increase.


Portrait Of Family Carrying Boxes Into New Home On Moving Day

You'll Also Find Better Renters

Not only will renters pay more for your well-maintained properties, but you'll also find better renters.

  • Poorly-maintained properties don't attract the best renters.

  • Plus, risky renters don't stick around for long, either (and you probably don't want to keep them anyway). 

Reduce the risks that come with bad renters when you offer properties that demonstrate the care you expect for your properties. Bad renters don't take good care of your properties, don't report maintenance issues, and can leave you with expensive damage after they move out. 

When your properties attract high-quality renters, the effort you put into better maintenance is worth it! 

Choose Best-in-Town Property Management for Better Maintenance!

Only the best Metro Atlanta property managers deliver best-in-town maintenance services! If your repairs have been limited to your DIY skills, it's time to let go of doing it yourself and let the pros handle it. 

Renters look for professional property management because they know they can rely on expert rental property maintenance. Let Compass Property Management Group keep your properties in excellent condition and serve your renters better. 

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