What Renters Want From Your Atlanta Rental Property in 2021

Updated May 31, 2022.

A significant part of our job as metro Atlanta property managers is to manage investment properties that become excellent homes for your renters.

  • If investors don't have renters, they don't make money.

  • If renters are unhappy or feel unsafe, they'll leave your Atlanta rental property.

  • Delighted renters who find their needs met in your rental properties help you increase your rental income.

While that might seem like a simple concept, a lot of work goes into making sure your houses for rent in Atlanta GA attract the best residents and deliver what renters want from homes—year after year. Owning successful real estate investments can happen, but at the heart of the industry, it's a people business.

What do renters want from your metro Atlanta rental property in 2021? Here are our best insights from years of building long-term relationships with renters in this market.

1. Provide Self-Serve Technology

Renters don't want to write a check to pay the rent anymore—and if you're an international investor, you likely don't want to deal with that either. They also don't want to wait on hold to put in maintenance requests or track down someone to help them find a copy of their lease agreement.

Your residents have enough going on trying to juggle work (including working from home) and kids (including dealing with schooling from home) while paying the bills, putting food on the table, and trying to find a little peace and quiet living in your Atlanta rental property.

Providing technology solutions that help them pay the rent on time, submit online maintenance requests, and check their lease through a renter portal helps them simplify the experience of renting. Metro Atlanta renters want digital options to put in a rental application, deliver their rental payments, and renew their lease when it's time. 

2. Dependable and Professional Maintenance

DIY rental property maintenance can't sustain your portfolio with today's renters. To stay competitive and attract quality residents, investors must provide professional routine maintenance services that residents can rely on—day or night. 

A metro Atlanta property manager is the best solution for maintenance and repairs. With expert property management services, investors and renters benefit from:

  • Routine maintenance to prevent problems that disrupt their life in your Atlanta homes for rent.

  • Prompt and high-quality repairs when someone goes wrong

  • 24/7 availability to receive and respond to maintenance emergencies

  • Vetted vendors that are safe to perform work in your rentals and around families.

Renters in metro Atlanta don't want to deal with the same maintenance issues over and over again. They also need to feel safe in your property while a contractor completes a repair.

Don't risk losing good renters to poor rental property maintenance in 2021! Choose a professional solution. 


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3. Space to Work From Home

As we know by now, many jobs transitioned to work-from-home environments in 2020. It looks like that trend will continue into 2021, and real estate investors are smart to accommodate renters with dedicated space equipped to enhance the work-from-home experience. 

We're not saying you need to invest in a significant renovation for your Atlanta rental property. However, adding:

  • Plenty of electrical outlets (including plugs that support charging for multiple devices)

  • Privacy options to create dedicated workspaces away from distractions

  • Home security features like video doorbells and front door peepholes

Can make your rentals more attractive to business professionals in the metro Atlanta rental market.

4. Thoughtful Upgrades

While they don't want to overpay for amenities they don't need, metro Atlanta renters are willing to pay more for quality properties with the right upgrades. With people spending more time at home these days, 'home' needs to be safe, comfortable, and a place your residents want to be—or they'll look for another place that feels more like it when their lease ends. 

Renters look for: 

  • Ample room, including outdoor spaces that make 'staycations' more enjoyable during social distancing

  • Up-to-date appliances that make learning the fine art of crafting your own pizza oatmeal even easier

  • A fresh coat of paint in neutral colors (to let residents add their own design touches for the home)

  • Quality (not expensive) flooring and fixtures that look nice without being trendy

  • In-unit laundry (to minimize contact with other residents for social distancing).

Your residents want comfort, convenience, and safety while living in your Atlanta rental property. These inexpensive yet thoughtful upgrades can help your real estate investments stand out from the competition and meet the needs of quality renters this year and every year.


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Deliver What Renters Want With the Best Local Property Management

The best thing you can offer residents in 2021 is world-class metro Atlanta property management services to handle all of their needs and wants. The success of your rental properties depends on how well you serve the people who live in them, and we're here to make that happen for you!

The Compass Property Management Group understands that real estate investment success depends upon building relationships with the investors and renters we serve. Contact us to learn how we can deliver these four 'must-haves' for your renters in 2021!

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