Super Bowl Sunday Fun

By Alex

Author: Alex Delaney

February 7, 2021 is Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Start your Super Bowl party with the annual Puppy Bowl XVII. You can watch this exciting Bowl on Animal Planet, or stream it on Discovery +. Featuring Team Ruff and Team Fluff, this 3 hour Bowl is cuteness overload, with 70 adorable puppies from 22 different shelters competing for the Lombarky trophy! Find out more about this year’s contenders here. Puppy Bowl XVII airs on February 7th at 2 p.m. ET. Tune in for the pre-game at 1 p.m. The 3-hour bowl features rescue pups tackling doggie toys and trying to get them to the end zone of a miniature football field. Tune in for the ultimate Cuteness Bowl!!!

Follow the Puppy Bowl with great food for your Super Bowl guests. Hands down, chili is the preferred crowd-pleasing food for Super Bowl parties. I’ve cruised the web for great-looking chili recipes. If you try any of the below, please let us know the results.

I lost a fabulous Texas chili recipe during my last move. This one looks pretty close to how I remember that recipe, although I’d use a cinnamon stick instead of powdered cinnamon. Here is the recipe. The cocoa powder adds a phenomenal depth to the chili. If the recipe needs thickening, use up to two tablespoons of masa harina (corn tortilla flour).

Want to use your Instant Pot for a non-Texan chili recipe with beans?  Try this one. But check the comments which overwhelmingly suggest adding more liquid to avoid burning.

If you are a bacon lover, (who isn’t!?!) this Instant Pot recipe is for you! You’ll have to scroll to the bottom for the recipe.

Now I’m not a Cincinnati Chili lover (although I do like it over hot dogs). But I’ve lived up North enough years to know there are many that will appreciate this Chili recipe.

I’m a southerner, but I’ve never seen a chili recipe like this recipe. Definitely one to put on my “to make” list.

I’ll end this list with a Southern Living recipe for easy chili.

Another Super Bowl favorite is Chicken Wings. Here are a few interesting recipes:

Recipe 1

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Recipe 4 (This site gives you several wing flavor options.)

Have a Fabulous Super Bowl weekend!