Fun Summer Activities For The Family

By Alex

Author: Sylvia Leong

We know the drill every summer! School is out, and the kids are around constantly. This is a great time to spend as much time with them and get them going. Get their energy out, and make memories with them. Here’s a list of summer activities you can try to keep them busy all summer.

  1. Have a backyard, or living room, camp-out! If you can’t make it to a real campsite, pitching a tent somewhere around your home is a great alternative.
  2. Grow some stuff in the backyard. Have some soil and space in your yard? Engage your children in the process of growing vegetables, fruits and flowers. It’s a great project to do together.
  3. Have a color fight. Make your own color powder like the ones in color runs. Buy some white shirts and run around throwing the powder at each other. It will be a mess but a colorful mess!
  4. Go strawberry picking. Go to your closest strawberry farm and get to picking. It definitely beats just buying them from the store. It’ll be a hands-on activity perfect for the family.
  5. Visit your local aquarium. The best way to avoid summer heat is to go inside somewhere super cool. The aquarium is always a relaxing and colder place! Aquariums are always so mesmerizing for the kids, and they will learn about so many different creatures of the sea.
  6. Have a water gun fight. Another activity to beat the summer heat. Buy some water guns and aim! You can even set up targets to take it to another level. Make it a competition with some yummy prizes.
  7. Build a fort and watch some Disney movies. Nothing says summer like building forts and just chilling together in the living room. To kids, a fort is like entering a magical world where they feel comforted and happy. It’s just such a classic must.
  8. Learn about animals at the zoo. The zoo is always a great place to bring what they learn about to life. Another great thing to do in the summer.
  9. Experiment with science. Find some experiments that use simple household items. You don’t even have to leave the house for this one! Try some baking soda experiments or build a solar system.
  10. Find a water park! We just love places that help keep us cool. Kids of all ages love the water park. Watch your kids smile big as they zoom down some slides.
  11. Chow down on a picnic. There are so many parks around. Pack a quick and fun lunch for the kids. If you want to get fancy, you can make cute sandwiches in the shapes of animals. Incorporate a theme.
  12. Skip the sand and make an ice station. Fill buckets or make a station where kids have water and ice to play with. Add some toy boats or other toys, and let them use their imagination. They could play for hours in the backyard with this idea.
  13. Challenge their creativity with crafts. Go to dollar tree, and buy some craft materials for the kids. Set them out in front of them. Let them create whatever they want. It’ll be cool to see what they come up with!
  14. DIY some soap foam sidewalk paint. Look up a recipe for it, and make it colorful. The kids can draw with this paint and create countless paintings.
  15. Have a lemonade party! Invite the neighborhood kids and parents over to try your hands at making lemonade. You can have a tasting contest in the backyard. Build them a cute lemonade stand and pretend to sell it! Sell it to the neighborhood if desired.
  16. Visit a hands-on children museum. These types of places have a million activities that will keep them occupied and in wonder for hours. In addition, they’re another great place on building skills and knowledge.
  17. Build your own aquarium. Go to the store and buy the materials! Find some sea animals and fishes, rocks, ships, etc. Find a container to fit it all. Help your child make their own underwater adventure.
  18. Wash the car. Make it one whole soapy activity! It’s a great way to get the cars clean and get your kids involved in some fun. They’ll love making bubbles and spraying the car down with the hose.
  19. Ice cream party in the kitchen! You can make sundaes together. A great way to bring it to another level is if you make the sundaes in a toy boat or some kind of fun container that the kids will love. Let them put toppings on themselves! You can also let them make root beer floats as an alternative.
  20. Visit the library. Let them choose a few books to bring home. Read the books together. Turn it into a nice treat that they get to do every once in a while. It’ll also teach them responsibility and help their vocabulary.