Alex Delaney | Profile

Alex Delaney is one of our Assistant Property Managers here at Compass Property Management Group. She is an army brat from Columbus (Ft. Benning), Georgia, as much as an army brat can be from anywhere!

She has been in Atlanta for sixteen years and has made her my permanent home. Alex has been in the property management field for seven years and is now learning the field from an owner’s perspective.

She is a voracious reader and, in her spare time, is working on her second novel. Alex also enjoys gardening and creating flower beds in her new home with the goal of always having flowers to cut for her dining table.

Alex has the pleasure of visiting the many properties we manage to provide quality control and marketing. She also works with tenants in eviction and handles new Section 8 paperwork for incoming properties. She looks forward to providing quality assistance to you.
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