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Atlanta is one of those cities where real estate investors can't afford not to invest! With a population of just under 488,000, more of Atlanta's residents rent their homes than own them.

That's right! About 56% of the residential population preferring renting instead of homeownership. That means investors need to add investments in this rental market to boost portfolios and capitalize on a significant opportunity! Whether you're local or considering U.S. investment properties while living internationally, Atlanta must be on your real estate investment map

However, even with affordable properties, high demand, and plenty of entertainment, restaurants, shopping, investors risk losing money without the best Atlanta property management company to handle their properties. If you're ready to get into this market (or add more properties to your portfolio), here's why you need a property manager to maximize your success!

We Make Sure Your Property Stays In Demand

Even with a significant renter population, renters are still selective when looking for a home. If your properties don't offer what renters want, they'll stay empty and lose money. 

Out-of-state and international investors often find it challenging to know what renters look for in the Atlanta market. How can you keep your properties competitive with quality maintenance and the right amenities when you aren't here to see rentals and renters in person? A property manager is here for you!

We keep an eye on the market and compare your properties to similar homes and renter demands. When we recognize that a potential upgrade could boost a property's income and keep it competitive, we make those recommendations and oversee the work to keep your properties competitive.


Investors Need the Right Experience for Smart Upgrades

Smart upgrades attract quality renters and can boost a property's monthly rent price. However, the wrong upgrades can be costly mistakes that never pay off. The right combination of amenities and an ideal monthly rental rate helps investors avoid extended vacancies and income loss. Before investing in renovations that renters don't need and never pay off, partner with an Atlanta property management company to make sure you invest in appropriate upgrades.

Professional Maintenance Keeps Rentals Competitive

A rental with too much wear-and-tear (or significant repair needs) will stay empty. Renters look for safe homes to raise families, work from home, and enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer. They won't stick around in a rental house that constantly needs repairs. Renters also won't renew a lease if they struggled to get timely responses to maintenance requests. 

Your properties need professional maintenance from an expert Atlanta property management company. DIY repairs might be an "okay" solution at times. However, if you plan to make significant income from your rental properties—or you invest in this market from out of the country—you need professionals to deliver quality repairs and routine maintenance. Without this level of care for properties (and renter needs), investors risk losing income (and residents). 

A professional property manager delivers:

  • Routine maintenance throughout the year to help reduce costly repairs
  • Prompt responses to renter requests 24/7
  • Quality repairs from vetted contractors
  • Budget management

In most cases, real estate investors save money with a property manager handling repairs and routine maintenance. Our strategy helps prevent significant repairs and repeated trips to the hardware store to keep "trying" to fix a problem. 

We know renters don't enjoy maintenance hassles, and your Atlanta rental properties deserve high-quality care! With the right property manager, investors experience better property values, lower maintenance costs, and happy residents who renew their leases. 

Quality Renters Boost Revenue

Well-maintained rental homes will attract plenty of interest from Atlanta's significant renter population. However, not everyone who fills out an application is the right fit to live in your properties. 

How can international investors experience worry-free rental property ownership when they never meet the people living in their rentals? Without the best Atlanta property management company handling the marketing, screening, and leasing process, long-distance investors often worry about difficult tenants taking over their properties. 

With a property manager in place, investors never have to worry about finding the right residents or dealing with bad renters. No renter is perfect. However, a property manager has the experience to avoid bad residents and find the best quality renters for your properties. 


We Screen Every Applicant

A fair and effective screening process means reviewing every applicant against the same criteria. Placing quality residents into Atlanta rental homes requires more than picking someone who looks good on paper. Personal preferences can't determine who qualifies for your rental—or who doesn't. 

Real estate investors can start with legal criteria before beginning the renter screening process. However, if you're not sure how to develop criteria that follow the law or conduct a fair (and legal) screening and selection process, you need a property manager to guide you through it. 

Bad renters don't pay the rent, don't follow the rules, and often don't give notice before abandoning your rental. To avoid these renters, the right Atlanta property management company screens every applicant by:

  • Setting legal criteria 
  • Requiring legal ID
  • Reviewing credit history, checking criminal background, conducting employment and income verification, and  contacting references
  • Avoiding discriminatory practices by not allowing race, gender, familial status, religion, and other biased factors to influence the decision-making process
  • Following privacy laws when reviewing, processing, and storing private applicant information

For pet-friendly properties, we also screen pets (and their owners) to make sure all occupants are the best fit for your rental. 

Without a thorough screening process, investors put properties and income at risk. With a significant population of renters, it can be tempting to pick a new renter from the many applications you receive after listing a property. However, successful investors realize that it's worth the effort to their bottom line to conduct screening best practices with a professional property manager. 

Choose the Best Atlanta Property Management to Maximize Success

There is plenty of opportunity for real estate investors in Atlanta! Whether you're local and ready to generate more passive income, or you recognize the success waiting for you here while living internationally, maximize your success with the best Atlanta property management company!

Compass Property Management makes investing in Atlanta from abroad (or locally) a worry-free experience with integrity at the heart of the property management services we offer. We combine the latest technology with expert customer service, local experience, and industry expertise to maximize your success. 

With a thorough understanding of the market, we help investors find the right properties for their portfolios and deliver what renters want in their rental homes. We also back your success with our service Guarantees! From tenant placement to pet damage, we stand by our services—or we make it right if something goes wrong on our watch. 

When you're ready to do more with your rentals in Atlanta, contact us to learn how we help real estate investors maximize their success!

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property management specialists

When it comes to rental homes, we're the best option out there.

Owning a rental home represents impressive earning potential for investors who know what they're doing. Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle to turn a profit or run themselves ragged trying to get results.

When home ownership turns into a burden, it's time to find a professional Atlanta property management team who can turn your rental around and make things easier for you.

At Compass, we provide solutions for homeowners across the metro Atlanta area. Our team of talented experts works tirelessly to keep your home meeting its performance benchmarks.

From single-family homeowners looking for a bit of support to investors with large portfolios, we're capable of meeting needs both big and small. Connect with us today to learn more!

Discover Our Services

Let the experts keep your Atlanta home operating efficiently. Our strategies increase desirability, enhance investment value, and maintain the financial success of your property.

Lengthy vacancies cause thousands in lost revenue. Say goodbye to stress with our team working for you. We aggressively publicize your listing & show your home.

Every application we receive undergoes rigorous screening, and we only place highly-qualified applicants. This approach helps us ensure your home is in the best hands.

Still chasing after late payments every month? Let our team take charge of your monthly billing needs. We collect funds for you, follow up as necessary, and impose late penalties.

A proactive approach to rental property maintenance is essential to preserving your income. We respond to maintenance requests quickly & make sure work is completed correctly.

Property inspections give us an opportunity to check on your home and renters. We verify that there are no hidden problems & that tenants are respecting the terms of their lease.

As our client, you enjoy detailed financial reports each month, which document all earnings and expenses for your home. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.

Why Choose the Compass Property Management Group?

We specialize in serving international investors looking to grow their portfolio in the metro Atlanta rental market. We make investing in Atlanta from abroad a worry-free experience with integrity at the heart of the property management services we offer.

Latest Technology

We Employ the Latest Technology

At the Compass Property Management Group, we've embraced tech tools like online account portals and digital vacancy listings; these resources make it easy to connect with our team & help us respond to requests faster.
Great Services

Our Team Provides Great Service

Some property managers treat their clients like mere numbers in the crowd. Our approach is decidedly different. We aim to offer the best customer service and support possible and do our very best to resolve your concerns quickly.
Best of the best

Our Partners Are the Best of the Best

We've built relationships with trusted vendors across metro Atlanta; these service providers help us keep every home in our portfolio at peak performance. Our vendors complete work on time & within budget.
Atlanta Market

We Understand the Atlanta Market

With countless Atlanta rental homes under our belt, we know the routine when it comes to keeping properties profitable. We don't make promises we can't keep, and we work overtime to make sure we meet your expectations.

Our Track Record Speaks for Us

See what other investors have to say about our property management services and international expertise.

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Sherie Phillips
Compass has been a really supportive management company. The move in process was great especially for it to be COVID. Everything was contact-less and professional. They stayed in communication with me and were very knowledgeable about everything. Even when I’ve had issues like losing my keys and needing locks changed, they’ve been supportive in the process and informative. So far a pleasurable experience living here!
A month ago
Ashona Husbands
During this time, moving seemed impossible until we found Compass Property Management. Special Shoutout to Jasmine who was our main point of contact and was amazing! We were able to self-tour our property and handle all of the leasing process virtually. The communication was quick, friendly, and very accessible. Any questions we had, they were answered with a sense of urgency and we loved that. We love our new place and feel excited to be with working with a company that is friendly, intentional, and accessible when need be. Thank you for everything!
2 Months Ago
Cory Rogers
We just moved into a Compass home a few months back and the process has really been painless. From the application to move in everything has been really straight forward and any questions we’ve had we were met with prompt and helpful responses. So far so good!!!
2 Months Ago
Tianna Chapman
Compass reality has been amazing especially trying to relocate during a pandemic. overall the process was very smooth and i want to specially thank Cree for helping me. so far it has been good.
A month ago
Nicolette Proby
I have been with compass property management group for many years and I have no complaints. From day one they have extended prompt customer service. They have always been available 24/7 to take care of issues that come up and remain very professional in speaking with tenants. I love the entire team.
2 Months ago
Michael King
I have been renting for 2 years. I am so very pleased with the Compass staff and excellent customer service they have provided. All of the staff are so understanding, prompt to respond and respectful of your well being. I would definitely refer anyone this company for their rental needs.
2 Months ago
Clove Bovee
Jasmine and coworkers have always been there for us, whatever our needs are. Great communication and stellar service. We’ve been with them now through two properties and over 5 years.
They also hire quality and efficient maintenance workers.
Keep up the great work.
2 Months ago
Brandon Fuller
I give Compass 5 stars. If you are looking for new properties this is the management company you wanna go with when you are looking for place to live in. I give a huge shoutout to Jasmine for my making the process smooth and easy. I love my new home and planning own living here for more years to come.
2 Months ago
Tamika Fulford
I have been with compass property management group for 5 years and they are the best! I love the entire team. Everyone is very friendly and helpful!
A month ago
Allexus Saar
The property we are residing in is such a cute home. It truly feels like home. We have been receiving help with any issues in a reasonable amount of time.
2 months ago

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