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At Compass Property Management Group, we treat your home as our own. We offer a wide range of property management services to fit your needs as a landlord or homeowner, and tailor our services to ensure that you have the highest level of service for your home.

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Utility and Maintenance Reduction Program

We are excited to introduce our new service, “Utility and Maintenance Reduction Program.” A convenient service for owners and residents that saves on maintenance costs for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. The best part is, this service is offered at no charge to you.

Studies show that fewer residents are changing their air filters reliably on their own. This has created a problem for landlords as the cost of HVAC expenses continue to increase. We have partnered with FilterEasy, a subscription service for residents that delivers new air filters directly to them each month, to help alleviate these issues. Our new service saves up to 15% on heating and cooling bills and reduces HVAC issues up to 40%.

It is our pleasure to benefit our clients and residents with this new service. For more information please view the video below.

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