Different types of smart home technology

Smart home technology is taking homes to another level. It’s a useful tool that helps residents live safer and conveniently. Today’s technology has become highly adaptable and even portable. Landlords gain a marketing advantage through this smart technology! Property managers and landlords can use them to promote saving money which gives them a high advantage.

Let’s take a look at some smart home technology that’s perfect for rentals!


1. Voice-controlled speakers

These digital assistants are perfect for someone who is busy or multi-tasking. Some examples of these assistants include the Amazon Echo or Google Home. These portable speakers are able to play music, make calls, set alarms, create reminders, and much more! They can even be used to control lights and appliances when synced.

2. Smart Lights

Tying into voice-controlled speakers, smart lights can be connected to them to allow to turn off lights with voice commands or using an app. These lights can also be scheduled to turn on and off. This is especially useful for residents who may not be able to move around with as much ease! But, they can be easily unscrewed and placed in different places.

3. Smart Plugs

These can be taken to any home you move to. They do not create a permanent change in the home. Like the smart lights, you can sync them to a voice-controlled speaker or an app where you can schedule when to turn things on and off. It saves money and saves energy. Usually, smart technology needs to be connected to the same wi-fi. Simple as that!

4. Locks

These locks can be controlled with a smartphone, and it amps up the security for your home. If you forget to lock your doors, these smart locks are designed so that you can control them while you’re away as well. In addition, it makes it easier to control access to your home. If you are locked out, it takes the inconvenience away of having to wait for someone else to come with a key.

5. Doorbells

Smart doorbells allow you to see who is at your door and speak to the guests standing at your front door. This is also another important security feature. This can be connected to your smartphone as well, so you are able to communicate while you’re away from your home. It’s useful to be able to see who is at your front door, so you do not open the door for someone potentially dangerous.

Source: Software Advice

There are many other technologies out there for your home that are meant to increase convenience and security. The first three mentioned in this blog can be bought and used by the renter because they are transportable. The last two are useful for landlords to attract potential tenants. In addition, this kind of innovation will attract millennials. Millennials dominate the majority of the rental market demographic. Technology is constantly changing and being created. Life is made safer and easier with these new innovations.

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