Curb appeal: How to make your rental property stand out from the pack

Great first impressions won’t get you the renter.  But they will get the prospective renter in the door.  With the internet allowing for a wide variety of rental options, getting the renter in the door is half the battle.  How do you make this happen?  Do a visual audit of your property.  Look at your property from the street.  Is the house visible from the street?  Is the yard well maintained?  Is the entryway appealing?  How will your marketing pictures look on the internet?

Be honest with yourself.  Would you rent this property?  If not, what could change your mind?  Would a new coat of paint on the front door brighten the entryway?  A contrasting color on the front door can brighten up an otherwise drab house.  Is the porch clean and crisp looking, or could it use a pressure wash, or coat of paint?  You would be amazed at how cheap, yet effective a pressure washing can be to a well-worn house, making it sparkle.

House numbers:  Make your house easy to find and increase its appeal.  Place house numbers in an easy to see area.  Use numbers that fit the style of the house and keep the size between 4″ to 6″ for clear visibility without overwhelming the house.

Blinds:  If your house has blinds, or window treatments, look at them from the street.  Are they consistent throughout the front of the house?  If not, either add or subtract so they are.  Consistent window treatments add a lot to how inviting the house is.

Is the trim worn out and in need of replacement, or would a coat of paint give it enough interest and depth to lure in potential renters?

Stage your marketing pictures.  Potted plants can add a homey feel, allowing a prospect to envision what their own personal touch may add.  When taking your marketing pictures, bring a couple of flowering pots to place on either side of the entryway.  While it may not be practical to leave the pots there if you cannot get back out to water regularly, it will at least add to the marketing pictures.  If you can’t water regularly, don’t leave the pots.  Nothing will turn off potential renters than dying plants at the entryway.

With websites first impressions aren’t everything in the rental market.  But they are the beginning of everything.  When a prospective renter is browsing through the rental websites, first impressions are what cause them to click onto your property.  So, make that initial introduction to your house the one that makes renters pick up the phone.