6 Moving Tips and Hacks

Getting the keys to a new place can be exciting! Then, you stop and look around at all the things you have to move out of your old place into your new. Moving is a tedious, labor-intensive process that requires planning. It can get disorganized really quick!

There are so many tips and hacks that you can find for moving on the internet. They might sound obvious, but here’s a reminder of ways you can make your move easier:

Here are some that we find useful:

1. Check local stores for free cardboard boxes

Buying boxes can be unnecessary spending that is coming out of your moving budget. Check locally to see if you can find places where they have boxes laying around that they don’t need. Different places you can find free boxes include office supply stores, bookstores, bars and restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, home improvement stores, and liquor stores. Of course, do not trespass or solicit on properties! Your best bet is to ask. Make sure you recycle the boxes after moving!

2. Utilize suitcases for transporting items

Suitcases are bulky and take up a lot of space. It’s just empty space inside when it’s not being used for travels. Also, the best part is that it rolls! That will make transporting your belongings much easier.

3. Have a color-coding system for your boxes

Color-coding your boxes will help identify which box goes into what room. This organized system is useful to make moving go smoothly and efficiently. It also helps everyone develop a flow. If you are hiring movers, it will help them out a lot because they won’t have to ask where everything goes.

4. Keep sandwich bags handy for small, loose items

Nothing is more inconvenient than when you go to re-install all of your furniture or technology and you’re missing a screw or a piece. Have a box of sandwich bags and a sharpie so you can put the small, easy-to-lose items in it. Then label it. Staying organized is key! Also keep trash bags handy for, obviously, trash and then any miscellaneous items that you can’t fit into boxes. Also, trash bags are good for the clothes hanger moving trick where you just wrap the trash bag around the bottom of the bundle of clothes. The clothes stay on the hangers, and you can easily just put it all in your new closet.

5. Dedicate a bin to things you need immediately

When you first move into your new place, it’s going to take time to unbox everything and settle in. Make sure you have a bin designated for items you know you are going to need immediately or every day. Having to figure out which box it’s in and making a mess is inconvenient. It’s just a step that will make it much easier on you. A suggestion is to use a clear bin so you can easily see what is in what bin.

6. Use bubble wrap for fragile things and label your box as “fragile”

This will help you or your movers know where your breakable items are. It might seem like common sense to use bubble wrap. However, some people forget to get something of that sort and end up having to find alternatives last minute. Take this as strategic planning. If all else fails, wrap your fragile items in rags, towels, clothing, etc.

Moving into a new home means a fresh start in a way. You can decorate and organize differently. Make your move go as smoothly as you can so your stress is not as bad! We hope your moving day goes as efficiently as possible! Congrats on your new place.

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