The importance of utilizing professional photos to market your rental

(Photo taken with a cell phone)

Photo taken with a cell phone

(Professional Photo)

Professional Photo

You can put all your effort into having a nicely designed website or elaborate marketing, but if you have bad quality pictures, all those other efforts are wasted.

Getting a potential tenant’s attention comes down to only a few seconds if you think about it. In the world of the internet, people are scrolling at record speeds. It takes a few seconds for someone to come across your listing, and it takes even fewer seconds to exit out. Whether you are mindful of this or not, the photos of your listing can possibly make or break your chances of renting out your property.

The rental market is highly competitive. Professional photos can capture your future tenant’s attention. How? Well, first of all, they can clearly see the details and every aspect of your rental property. People love the detail. They want to be able to see it all. Fuzzy, low-quality cell phone pictures will not do your rental justice.

1. Professional photography showcases your rental’s full potential

Professional photographers will take pictures of your property from various angles, and they have a trained eye on how to capture all the details of your property so that it will attract possible renters. They know good lighting and efficiency. They will cover every appealing aspect of your home.

 2. Professional photos will attract quality tenants

Tenants with high standards expect the same from you. High-quality photos will make you seem more credible and professional. If you are willing to go the extra mile with quality, it will pay off in the end.

3. Professional photos can be used over and over

The photos can be used later if you decide to stop renting and want to sell your property. It is not a one time use. When you have good quality pictures, it eliminates the need for a re-do or for a second photoshoot.

4.  Properties that have professional photos get rented faster

Simply, because of the attention, there will be more people inquiring about your property. It is a marketing scheme that will get change your availability status quicker than if you do not utilize these services.

5. Full-service property management companies might offer professional photography services

Here at Compass Property Management Group, we understand the importance of professional photos. That’s why we use these to help our listings get rented! Consider a property manager to help guide you to get your property rented. They can offer management services as well as marketing services.

Videos are also another useful tool. Videos give more detail than photos because it can give you a better idea of how every aspect of your home comes together as well as the layout of your home. In addition, they are more engaging than photos. Videos will most definitely make your listing stand out from others.

Imbedded video:

Before you have professionals come and photograph or film your property, make sure it is tidy! First impressions are everything. If your home is in a poor state, it can turn off potential tenants from renting. Photographs will highlight the beautiful features of your home. As you can see in the photos above, a professionally taken photo makes all the difference!

You know your home’s worth so make sure everyone else can see just how worthy it is!

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