Resident Move Out Instructions

Notice To Vacate

When there is a notice to vacate, the move out procedures with tenants are as a critical as when Compass moves in a tenant. The preparation for this really began when the tenant moved in with a detailed rental agreement, walk-through, and Compass Tenant Handbook. All of these documents gave instructions to the tenant on how to move out.

Communication With Owners And Tenants

Compass notifies the owner in writing with details on how we will proceed with the tenant move out and re-renting the property. Compass provides the tenant notice with a detailed letter detailing the steps to complete a successful move. Rent is required until the end of the notice.

After assessment of the tenant move out, Compass advises owners of any tenant damages or any maintenance required to re rent the property.

Security Deposit Refunds

Proper handling of the security deposit is crucial. A tenant deductions are determined in a timely manner, and a security deposit transmittal is prepared in accordance with state laws.

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