Resident Move In Instructions

Rent and Security Deposit

Compass does not accept personal checks prior to renting the property and does not allow payments on security deposits. We require all funds paid in full prior to renting the property. This eliminates prospective tenants who really do NOT have the necessary funds for renting.

Once approved, all applicants must pay in full, the first month's rent, and a security deposit in certified funds.

Rent/ Lease Agreements

Once Compass receives funds, a thorough rental/lease agreement with the applicant is completed. All persons 18 and over, including adult children, are required to read and sign all rental/lease agreements.

Tenant Eduction and Preparation

Taking the time to prepare tenants for their residency is another step toward a successful tenant/landlord relationship. Additional forms that the tenants may need are included with the Compass Tenant Handbook. Compass wants both owners and tenants well informed.

Our Service Area

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