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Property owners throughout the Metro Atlanta area can turn to Compass Property Management Group for experienced and comprehensive property management services. We confidently provide a full list of property management services, from tenant screening to accounting and maintenance. We want property owners and tenants to love their renting experience, and we strive to provide a personal touch to every interaction.

An experienced and trustworthy property management company can make all the difference in renting a home, whether you’re a property owner or a resident. We strive to take the stress out of renting, with a proactive and reliable approach to every aspect of property management.

In addition to an inviting atmosphere, we embrace modern technology and the convenience that it offers our clients. Through our modern website, both residents and property owners can find effective means of communicating with us at any time, as well as monitoring the status of rental properties and requesting maintenance needs.

We strive to communicate with property owners and provide updates on the status of their investment property, so that they never come face to face with unknown and unwanted surprises. Our job is to ensure the excellent maintenance and overall satisfaction of residents and owners. Rest assured that your investment property is safe and thoroughly maintained while in the hands of Compass Property Management Group.

Full Service Management

Owner Benefits

  • Constant Monitoring of Your Investment
  • The Latest Technology
  • Consistent Accounting Principles and Documentation
  • Current on Local and Federal Laws
  • Quality Vendors/Discounted Pricing for Our Clients
  • Flexible Plans

What We Do for Our Owners

As your Metro Atlanta Property Manager

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We Strive to Provide the Best Technology 

Compass Property Management Group, LLC strives to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We offer an online owners portal and web based software that is always evolving to help our clients get the most current features the industry can offer. Our mission is to provide the best and most accurate product on the market for the property management industry. Owners can access their portal online 24/7 and see exactly what is going on with their property.

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Constant Monitoring of Your Investment

Our Property Managers conduct bi-annual surveys, pre-move out surveys and quarterly drive bys of our rental properties to ensure that your asset is protected. Our vendors also act as our eyes and ears and report concerns to our office when they perform work at the property.

Consistent Accounting Principles Icon

Consistent Accounting Principles and Documentation

Our accounting is thorough and compliant with all local, state and federal requirements . We provide a monthly statement showing all activity on your account. Clients with direct deposit can access their statement at any time through the owner's portal or via email. Statements come in a convenient pdf format but other formats are available if needed. 

Current on Local and Federal Law Icon

Current on Local and Federal Laws

We will implement local and federal requirements so as to limit our client's liability. If the law changes, we will make sure your property is in compliance. 

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Quality Vendors/Discounted Pricing for Our Clients

We are dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair at minimal cost. We use only well vetted vendors with a track record of success. All vendors must verify their insurance and other appropriate documentation such as current licensing and/or bonding. 

Flexible Plans Icon

Flexible Plans

We offer a consistent approach to management that helps us provide the quality service our clients require but we can bend to your needs as well. We are confident that we have a management plan that fits your preferences and desires.

We do not strive to be the largest company, just the best, most customer service-oriented company in our market.

Tenant Screening & Selection

  • Screen all applicants through credit bureaus.
  • Contact former and current landlords for verbal and written references.
  • Verification of the applicant's employment and income.
  • Screen all applicants through Eviction Reports.
  • Screen all applicants through Criminal Reports.

We want to ensure that our property owners get the caliber of renters they deserve and we believe that the screening process is one of the most important parts of the tenancy.

Resident Benefits

Our goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to those who lease our homes while protecting the assets of those who own the homes we lease. The key to this whole process is you, the tenant.

  • Online Rent Pay and Other Online Features
  • Dedicated Resident Relations Department
  • Emergency Repairs for Immediate Response
  • Relationship Building and Customer Service

What We Do for Our Residents

Online Rent Pay and Other Online Features

Our residents enjoy the luxury of paying their rent online either manually or automatically each month. Residents can also submit maintenance work orders through their account and see their ledger with completely updated balance information. 

Dedicated Resident Relations Department

Our property management company has a dedicated department for all resident maintenance issues. Our staff will troubleshoot problems and attempt to repair without sending a vendor out if possible. 

Emergency Repairs for Immediate Response

The agent or staff member will troubleshoot the problem and determine the emergency status and send vendors out as necessary. 

Relationship Building and Customer Service 

We believe that our residents are an important part of the management experience. If they are happy it greatly reduces the chances that they will look for another place to live. We strive to be courteous and respectful with our residents knowing that they serve a valuable purpose in guarding our clients' asset.

Professional Marketing

We provide your home with more exposure; more hot leads, and ultimately get your home rented faster. Using our property management services to give your home the ultimate market exposure just makes sense. You will start collecting your rent sooner. On average, we rent properties 14 to 30 days faster than most companies. 

We maximize your exposure by utilizing a wide variety of online classified sites, we have many respected, nationally recognized names such as Google Base, Hot Pads,, Oodle,, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow and many more working directly for you! We further spotlight your property by using curb signs, and the wider internet to get your property rented quickly.

Our Service Area

Serving Atlanta & surrounding areas