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Ashley Fail | Profile

Ashley Fail

Ashley Fail started as an intern with Compass before becoming an employee working in our accounting department. She obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Accounting and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Accounting. In addition to being a Master’s student, she helps Compass manage all collections for owners and tenants, double checks lease renewals,…

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Alex Delaney | Profile


Alex Delaney is one of our Assistant Property Managers here at Compass Property Management Group. She is an army brat from Columbus (Ft. Benning), Georgia, as much as an army brat can be from anywhere! She has been in Atlanta for sixteen years and has made her my permanent home. Alex has been in the…

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Jasmine Allen | Profile

Jasmine Allen

Jasmine spends most of her day working one-on-one with new tenants and owners. She enjoys being able to get to know our new clients and help them join the Compass Property Management Group family. She is always refining her skills by continual education and training to make sure every client has a worry-free, stress-free onboarding…

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Renee Bailey | Profile

Renee Bailey

Born and raised in West Virginia, Renee spent her childhood following her father, a general contractor, while he worked on properties of all types and sizes. The knowledge she gained at a young age allowed her to become successful later in life. After studying at West Virginia University, she moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and began…

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Theresa Mull | Profile


Theresa Mull, President of Compass Property Management Group, has managed over 4000 single family homes and multi-family complexes in her career. She is an active member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, the Institute of Real Estate Management, and the National Association of Realtors. In March 2011, she was named to the Northeast…

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