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Compass Property Management offers a referral bonus when a real estate agent or broker refers us a property owner for property management.

Compass Property Management works hard to maintain excellent customer service to your clients expectations, while properly rewarding you with a referral. The referral bonus of $750.00 on a vacant property or $550.00 if the property is occupied.

Let us do all the work while you get paid through your brokerage firm upon a signed property management contract. Now that is easy cash!

Compass Property Management Group, LLC strives to cultivate and maintain good relationships with real estate agents and brokers. Compass Property Management values the importance of a mutually beneficial relationship, which is why Compass Property Management offers a referral bonus for property management client referrals. Compass Property Management is a full time, full service residential property management company managing single-family homes, town homes, condos, and multi-family units. 

Compass Property Management Makes You Look Good

The professionals at Compass Property Management have a combined 55 year experience managing rental properties for ourselves, other owners and investors. Compass Property Management is a local full time residential property manager. Compass Property Management knows the property management business. Compass Property Management knows the local market in Greater Metro Atlanta Area. Our experience and expertise goes a long way in meeting as well as exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers and clients. Compass Property Management makes sure that your customers and clients are satisfied. When the client you refer experiences our professionalism and quality service they will thank you. Refer to a specialist...refer your clients and customers to Compass Property Management.

Compass Property Management Will Manage Your Rental Inventory

Some brokers manage rentals because they feel they must in order to get repeat listing and sales from their clients. However, it is impossible to give the full service and abide by all the government regulations without a full time management team. Compass Property Management will take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a referral fee, give your clients and customers great management service, and when your owner/client is ready to sell, you will get the property back to list and sell. It really is a win, win.

Tired Of The Management Hassle? Compass Property Management Will Buy Your Management Accounts

Tired of the mid-night calls, days in court, want to get out of property management all together? Compass Property Management will buy your property management accounts. Compass Property Management has the formulas and plan to make the transition effortless. Any inquiry or discussion will be kept in the strictest confidence. All parties involved will sign a confidentially agreement. This is to protect our current and future business relationship.

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