We add experience to every new acquisition

Compass Property Management Group primarily looks for investments in which it can enhance returns through value-driven improvements. We look to acquire properties at a reasonable basis with the opportunity to enhance returns by increasing income and controlling expenses as much as possible. Our main goal is to make strategic decisions as to how to best invest capital in order to make physical improvements that will result in a tangible difference in the property’s performance.

Compass Property Management Group adds experience to every new acquisition by utilizing all of its resources as follows:

The Acquisition team and Property Management teams work closely together to uncover opportunities for value enhancement and risk mitigation during the due diligence process and through the hold period. The highly focused and experienced Property Management team works arduously to implement and execute the initial asset business plan and to maintain the quality of the asset, the management staff and the customer experience to the best of its ability until the sale of every investment.

Please contact our acquisitions team directly to discuss potential acquisition opportunities.


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